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Prescription Management Software Features

Prescription Management Features
    →   Convenience to store Patient’s information for future reference.
    →   Provision of storage medicine information (add / delete) into medicine bank.
    →   Contains user friendly interface including quick search, new patient information, view report option etc.
    →   System of adding multilingual advice for patients.
    →   System of adding referral Organization to refer the patients.
    →   System of add, delete or update investigation list.
    →   System of add, delete or update Cheap Complain (CC) list.
    →   System of add, delete or update on examination (O/E) list.
    →   Free hand writing option for any advice that not listed in the system and for direction of usage of medicine.
    →   Image insert option for describing and indicate the diseases more clearly to the Patients.
    →   System of add, delete or update Diagnosis list.
    →   Option for printing the prescription on both white paper and Doctor’s pad.
    →   On click data backup option.
    →   Search option for existing patients and their earlier prescription to get concerned about the previous advice.
    →   Customizing system according to Doctors pad for printing the prescription.

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