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Point of Sales Features

Sales Features
    →   Works with touch screens/systems and non-touch screen based systems
    →   Time Based Discount Rules (X%, Mix and Match, etc.)
    →   Multiple Payment Types (Cash / Visa Card / Master Card / Mobile Banking etc.)
    →   Value Added Tax (VAT)
    →   Date wise promotion item tracking.
    →   Gift / Customer Cards built right into the system
    →   Line item consolidation
    →   Consolidated item listing
    →   Item code number tracking
    →   Main Controller allows to create extra sales branch
    →   View branch wise sales report, reprint receipts, Product exchange, Product transfer (from store to outlet and outlet to outlet or outlet to store), View saved sales and daily       sales totals.
    →   POS printer, Barcode scanner and Cash drawer configuration built into the system
    →   Easy Transaction Editing
Customer Features
    →   Customer Cards
    →  Customer Invoice
    →   Activity Manager to track customer activities
    →   VAT Challan
    →   Product exchange
Inventory Features
    →   Barcode-based Pricing Labels
    →  Receiving Histories
    →   Purchase Histories
    →  Dispatch to Outlet histories.
    →   Print Challan for dispatched items
    →   Automated unique product ID for individual product.
    →   Separate Vendor and Manufacturer Part Number Fields
    →   Product ID Number Tracking
    →   Transfers and Transfer Order Creation for Multi-Branch environments
    →   Auto purchase order generation based on sales and minimums
    →   Instant Sales and Quantity Information for all branches through the Authorized Person

Login Informatin :
       Username : admin
       Password : admin

Shop Manager
       Username : shop1
       Password : shop1
       Username : shop2
       Password : shop2