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We started our journey as an individual freelancer in the beginning of 2007. That was a fantastic experience for each of us. We got some quick response from our clients with very good feedback. From then we had confidence that yes it is possible for us to stick to software development. Since we started our journey in the online marketplace like then,, and, we were dealing with international quality of the product. Meeting deadline with client’s satisfaction was one of our assets.

Then together we planned to form Demo Soft in the middle of 2013. Our plan was to do something different for the users. We had found that there are many software farms around the globe but very few of them are giving the opportunities to the users to test the software features or live demo so that they could have a better understanding of their needs. Actually in the virtual world if we don’t have a clear concept about our needs, it is very difficult to explain or sometimes we are unable to express our thoughts. But when it becomes visible to us, after look at it we can express or compare my thoughts and make decisions about what exactly I want. 

We had faced a lot of difficulties during meet the clients. Sometimes they were unable to make us clear about their requirements. As a result, we had to see them very often. It’s happened only for local clients because as a developing country or nation, we are still on the road to the technology. So many of us still unfamiliar with the software but they are eagerly want to get themselves migrated there. 

In January 2016, we have decided to serve the peoples from this perspective. And finally, we launched DEMO SOFT with the aim to reach the root level people, who can express their thoughts by having something visible to them. So here you go...